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State Laws on Cardiac Arrest and Defibrillators

Since partially taking effect in 2005, the laws regarding mandated placement of automated external defibrillators or "AED's" has increased steadily over the past years. Beginning with schools and quickly advancing to Health Clubs and beyond, the time is now to make sure your establishment is in compliance.

Via Health & Safety Corporation, AED's can be purchased at very reasonable prices. We also offer service plans that keep your equipment up to date, by replacing the batteries and Electrode Pads, as needed, so that compliance with this new law is just one phone call away. After that, we handle the rest. So, you can get back to your business and let us worry about your AED and any needed maintenance.

The National Conference of State Legislatures is a wonderful resource to visit if more legal definitions are needed. See their web page which deals exclusively with State Laws on Cardiac Arrest and Defibrillators.

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The Aviation Medical Assistance Act, Public Law 105-170 (PDF*), was the first federal law addressing the positive use of AEDs, signed on April 24, 1998 by President Bill Clinton. It declares that air carriers and individuals "shall not be liable for damages" in attempting to obtain or provide assistance on airplanes. It directs the FAA Administrator to "evaluate regulations" and decide on future required use of AEDs on passenger aircraft and in airports.

Since the passage of The Aviation Medical Assistance Act, Public Law 105-170, more laws, both state and federal, have been passed to make sure AED's are available in more and more locations. When it comes to Cardiac Arrest, having an AED nearby and mean the difference between life or death. Contact us with any questions or to arrange for one of our representitives to come visit.


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